Letter From The President: Counting our Blessings, Growing our Impact

November 21, 2017

It’s that wonderful time of year when we pause to count our blessings and express our gratitude for those who have blessed our lives.

As I write this letter, the Just Hope team is preparing for a trip to Uganda, a country whose people are survivors of unspeakable atrocities of war, torture, abuse, and rape.

We have been asked to expand our programs into Uganda by several organizations who have seen the impact of our work in other areas. These trusted partners see the value in equipping children and adults with the tools they need to take ownership over their futures. We will expand their impact by giving the men, women and children in their programs training and opportunity they need to move from surviving to thriving.

Our economic empowerment programs in Uganda will impact more than…

Seventy women eager to connect with local markets who will purchase their goods so they can increase their household income and build a legacy that can be passed to their children.

Nine hundred children ready to develop trade skills that have value in the local market so they can secure employment or start their own businesses when they leave school.

Three hundred families prepared to learn improved agriculture techniques and business methods that will increase their crop yields and allow them to earn a profit.

We are now doing the due diligence necessary to structure and manage our programs in healthy, sustainable ways that ensure the people we serve have ownership, and that the impact of the program extends for generations.

As you reflect on God’s provision this season, you may be reminded of someone who has used their blessings to make a difference in your life. Whether it’s by giving you guidance or resources, they have multiplied their legacy by making an impact on you. Will you follow their example? Multiply your legacy by supporting Just Hope as we invest in the lives of survivors in Uganda.

Your donation of $20 per month covers the $240 cost for one remarkable person in Uganda to participate in our economic empowerment programs for two years.

You can click here to give online now in the name of the man or woman who empowered you to thrive. You can also reach out to Andy Markham at 615-454-5260 or by email if you have questions.

Ben Turner