Collins Pipim Joins Just Hope in Ghana

October 7, 2015

Collins Pipim

We are pleased to announce that Collins Pipim has joined our team in Ghana. Collins holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Ghana, where he is currently pursuing a master’s degree.

Collins began serving with Just Hope as a farmer advocate, and in this role works with farmers in the rural areas north of Accra to help them learn innovative farming techniques that can improve their harvests. He is often at our demonstration site maintaining the crops we test and trying out innovations as a means of instructing farmers. He also assists with our VSLA efforts. As a testament to his strong leadership skills, he has just been promoted to Innovation Hub manager, and will oversee and be responsible for reporting all activities there.

“What appeals to me about this job is the opportunity to put smiles on the faces of people as we help them get a better standard of living using the resources available to them,” Collins said. “I see it as a privilege and an honor to be part of the Just Hope team as we work to help others get a better life.”

Collins is from Accra and has three siblings. His previous work experience includes agricultural internships with Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited, the Agricultural Engineering Service Directorate and the Gratis Foundation.