Video: The Results Speak for Themselves!

During our visit to Bauya in July, it was exciting to see the benefits of the sustainable conservation agriculture method in this side-by-side comparison with the traditional method. The plot on the left was planted using traditional methods, and is not yet producing corn, despite the fact that it was planted several days earlier than the plot… continue reading

The blessing of a second chance

It’s not often that a person is given an opportunity to “re-do” a previous experience, especially one tinged with regret. I lived in Togo from August of 2000 to May of 2010, working to help people know Jesus. This was my task, and I did not see myself equipped to do anything else. I had… continue reading

Champions, not victims: Working with people to find lasting solutions

In 2009 I traveled to Zimbabwe with an international humanitarian relief organization. This particular trip was focused on water purification. During the nine-day trip, we installed five water filtration systems in five rural schools. We who participated in the trip felt good about what we had accomplished, and from our perspective during the trip… problem… continue reading

Farming with ropes, sticks and bottle caps

Our main goal while in Togo is to train our strategic partner, Jesse Shanks, on the basic practices of conservation agriculture. For the next six months, we will be piloting a program to test results of this farming method. If the results are positive, we will engage in a longer commitment. The first morning of… continue reading

Conservation agriculture: A proven approach to extreme poverty

  Making an ‘impact that lasts’ means tapping into the interests and motivations of those we seek to serve. In 2014, Just Hope made a significant investment to gain a better understanding of West African culture, needs and priorities, with a four-month assessment conducted in Sierra Leone. That investment affirmed for us that food security… continue reading

Rejoicing at Christmas, even amid the suffering

[display_video vimeo=114919288] “Have a holly, jolly Christmas! It’s the best time of the year!” Burl Ives sings of a blissful season filled with a ‘cup of cheer.’ It’s Christmas… and we are all aware of people who are hurting. What if our cup seems empty? Should we rejoice? Yes. Here and around the world, family… continue reading

We Believe

This video captures the most basic beliefs of Just Hope International, the beliefs that drive our work with impoverished people.

Voices from Bauya

We made our second visit of 2014 to Sierra Leone in mid-May, and while there we worshiped on a Sunday morning at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Bauya. The sermon that day was a call to action to the villagers to have concern for each other and for the community, and to recall days gone… continue reading