Just Hope International Launches Widows Empowerment Program in Haiti

Just Hope International, with private donations, announced a new program to economically empower widows in Jeremie, Haiti whose businesses were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Prior to Hurricane Matthew, the widows were street vendors supporting more than six dependents each. The primary goal of the Widows Empowerment Program in Haiti is to revive the… continue reading

Ghana Entrepreneurs, Prosper and Bright

Hero Spotlight: Ghana Entrepreneurs Look to Businesses to Increase Household Income

Business mentoring is one of four main ways we economically empower families to increase their household income. People all over the world are natural innovators and creators, and the people we work with are no different. They have ideas about businesses that would work well in their communities, and moreover, they have the local insight… continue reading

conservation agriculture plot, Sierra Leone

June 2017 Program Roundup

Bauya & Lunsar, Sierra Leone Program success is seen in different ways and at different speeds in the locations we serve. The Tamaraneh group in Kerefay, Sierra Leone, is an example of wonderful current success by a group of farmers who together work to a high standard to produce a crop of groundnuts. The plot… continue reading

Bananas, Honduras

Exiting With Love in Honduras

As we wrap up work on several projects in Honduras, we are experiencing those bittersweet moments when we part ways with people we love and respect, but joyfully bolstered by the confidence that they are on new paths to economic security for themselves, and promising growth for their communities. In Progreso, we wish God’s blessings… continue reading

Women learn sewing, find hope and position in Sierra Leone

If you’ve been around Just Hope for any amount of time, you know we believe that the most lasting way to help a person out of poverty is to empower them to provide for themselves and increase their household income. Giving a person a meal will last a few hours, but giving them hope, opportunity and training… continue reading

Meet a Just Hope Hero: Raul Carrasco

Raul had a tough upbringing marked by violence and gangs. It’s a story that is, unfortunately, all too common for boys in Honduras. But a friend once told him, “Raul, you think you are alone. You think God doesn’t listen to you or love you. You are wrong.” The glimmer of hope in that statement… continue reading