Men and Women in Sierra Leone Building Grain Storage Building

Sierra Leone Farmers Turn a Hand Up from Just Hope into Big Plans for Their Future

After successful harvests using the sustainable conservation agriculture techniques taught by Just Hope, the Balema and Madihoi Savings Groups in Bauya, Sierra Leone started making exciting plans for the future, strategizing for how they would capitalize on their initial success. Both of these groups participated successfully in our seed loan program last year. Each group… continue reading

February 2018 Program Roundup

Across our programs, the people we serve are continuing to inspire us with their commitment to building a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. Balema and Madihoi Working Together as Savings Groups and Farmers Construction of the grain storage building in Bauya, Sierra Leone is progressing well. As the Balema and Madihoi Savings… continue reading

Survival Skills class in Dominican Republic.

January 2018 Program Roundup

Great things happen when people work together. Across our programs, the people we serve are stepping up and taking ownership of the knowledge, training and tools they have received to reach their personal goals and benefit their communities. Balema and Madihoi Working Together as Savings Groups and Farmers The Balema and Madihoi Savings Groups and… continue reading

December 2017 Program Roundup

We are excited to see change happening across our programs as the people we serve choose to use the knowledge, training and tools they have received, and then pass it along to their neighbors, friends and communities. Savings Groups Our newest Just Hope team member, Travis Trull, traveled to Ghana and Sierra Leone to visit Savings… continue reading

November 2017 Program Roundup

Bringing Our Economic Empowerment Programs to Uganda This month the Just Hope team traveled to Uganda to plan the expansion of our programs there. They completed the due diligence necessary to structure and manage our programs in healthy, sustainable ways that ensure the people we serve have ownership, and that the impact of the program extends… continue reading

October 2017 Program Roundup

Hands up and hats off to the remarkable men, women, and children who have shown us what empowerment can do. From the men and women willing and ready to take on the new challenge of farming ginger to our Survival Skills students navigating the way to their future, this month has been one of incredible… continue reading

September 2017 Program Roundup

From the closing ceremony celebration for 18 of our Survival Skills students in the Dominican Republic to positive results coming from the entrepreneurs in Haiti, we have had a month full of growing and learning as we serve remarkable men, women and children around the world. Agriculture Training Local authorities in Bauya, Sierra Leone have… continue reading

August 2017 Program Roundup

Haiti An inspiring business development program has given a “hand up” to entrepreneurs in Jeremie, Haiti with the goal of reviving the local economy and giving back to the community. This capital investment program is creating a lasting impact by encouraging each participant to analyze ways they can develop personally and contribute to their communities while… continue reading