October 2017 Program Roundup

Hands up and hats off to the remarkable men, women, and children who have shown us what empowerment can do. From the men and women willing and ready to take on the new challenge of farming ginger to our Survival Skills students navigating the way to their future, this month has been one of incredible… continue reading

September 2017 Program Roundup

From the closing ceremony celebration for 18 of our Survival Skills students in the Dominican Republic to positive results coming from the entrepreneurs in Haiti, we have had a month full of growing and learning as we serve remarkable men, women and children around the world. Agriculture Training Local authorities in Bauya, Sierra Leone have… continue reading

August 2017 Program Roundup

Haiti An inspiring business development program has given a “hand up” to entrepreneurs in Jeremie, Haiti with the goal of reviving the local economy and giving back to the community. This capital investment program is creating a lasting impact by encouraging each participant to analyze ways they can develop personally and contribute to their communities while… continue reading

Composting, Sierra Leone

Farmers in West Africa See the Power and Business Potential of Compost

When developing countries face disease and war that wipe out huge percentages of a population, generational knowledge is lost, and can no longer be passed down. Many times, outsiders with good intentions arrive to help. But in an effort to improve conditions quickly, the effects of their work are often short-lived. Chemical fertilizers are an… continue reading

Ghana Entrepreneurs, Prosper and Bright

Hero Spotlight: Ghana Entrepreneurs Look to Businesses to Increase Household Income

Business mentoring is one of four main ways we economically empower families to increase their household income. People all over the world are natural innovators and creators, and the people we work with are no different. They have ideas about businesses that would work well in their communities, and moreover, they have the local insight… continue reading

conservation agriculture plot, Sierra Leone

June 2017 Program Roundup

Bauya & Lunsar, Sierra Leone Program success is seen in different ways and at different speeds in the locations we serve. The Tamaraneh group in Kerefay, Sierra Leone, is an example of wonderful current success by a group of farmers who together work to a high standard to produce a crop of groundnuts. The plot… continue reading

Grace Boakye, Ghana

Hero Spotlight: Grace Boakye Saves Money to Build Her Business and Provide for Her Family in Ghana

For Grace Boakye, being poor may likely have contributed to the death of her first baby, who died in childbirth. Not being able to afford a visit to the hospital, Grace’s options were limited when complications arose during delivery, and her baby could not be saved. Now a 29-year-old mother of three children aged 10,… continue reading

A Day in the Life in Ghana

No matter where you are in the world, all of us spend our days completing routine tasks to meet our needs and those of the people we care for. Preparing an evening meal, getting the kids off to school, meeting with friends, and managing finances are a few of the activities that might make up your… continue reading