Alfred Matita, Bauya, Sierra Leone

Hero Spotlight: Alfred “Africa” Mattia, Overcoming Obstacles and Reaping Rewards

Alfred Mattia, known in his community as “Africa,” is Bauya’s official Town Crier, spreading important community news from household to household. To supplement his income, he farms – and has been one of the most passionate and engaged learners we have come across at Just Hope. “Africa” lives with a deformed arm and leg that… continue reading

Joanna, Dominican Republic

Hero Spotlight: Joanna Henriquez, Answering God’s Call in the Dominican Republic

Without exception, the local people we employ are not only technically qualified for their jobs, they also bring an extraordinary degree of passion and personal investment that makes them ideally suited for working with people eager for a hand up. Joanna Henriquez is our Survival Skills teacher in the Dominican Republic, where she teaches 35… continue reading

Hero Update: Joseph Yaw Konnor

When Joseph Yaw Konnor joined a savings group in 2015, his primary goal was to save enough money to send his son to school in Ghana. (Read the story here.) Foreseeing the gap between the school fee deadline and his crop harvest, Joseph was worried about the kind of cash flow problem that can easily be… continue reading

Hero Spotlight: Abu Rabo, Taking Opportunities, Seeing the Impact

People who are eager to learn and work just need the right information and opportunity in order to achieve great things. We provide hand-up solutions previously out of reach or unknown by people we serve. A small amount of support and hope provided in the right way can be transformational, launching a person and family… continue reading

Saffie Koroma

Hero Spotlight: Saffie Koroma, Dedicated Leader, Wife and Mother

Saffie Koroma and her husband Foday have been invaluable partners to Just Hope in Lunsar, Sierra Leone, graciously inviting us into their community and facilitating our work there to train and equip pastors and their families. We’ve told you quite a bit about Foday since we began supporting his efforts, and now we want to… continue reading

Hero Spotlight: Pastor Sullay and the Ebola Widows

Joseph Koroma is a pastor in Sierra Leone who attended our initial agriculture trainings in the Lunsar area in March 2016. In May, we told you about how he was so excited by the possibilities offered by conservation agriculture, he immediately returned to his church and began teaching his congregants, who are mostly Ebola widows…. continue reading

Hero Spotlight: Jenneh Lassayo, a Mentor to Women Farmers

Jenneh Lassayo has been a Just Hope friend for several years. As the wife to Joseph Lassayo, one of our long-time and trusted employees in Bauya, Sierra Leone, Jenneh has experienced personally the value of an opportunity to improve one’s own circumstances. At the conclusion of the pineapple project in Bauya, we were embarking on… continue reading

Blind Farmer and Chaplain Rejects Blindness as Excuse for Dependence

Blindness results in dependence for many people living in poverty, but Amidu “Francis” Kayina, age 65, has refused to let blindness rob him of his independence. Moreover, has used his blindness to encourage others not to give up on themselves. Blindness has been an integral part of Francis’ life for many years. As an ophthalmic… continue reading