Be a Just Hope Hero!

March 23, 2016

We need you!

As you can see in the stories we share about people like Joseph, Raul, Carolina and Foday, we believe the remarkable people we serve are truly heroes, surviving and thriving despite daily challenges the average American cannot fathom.

We work side-by-side with our heroes — people who are already doing their part to improve their circumstances — and connect them with training, tools and opportunities.

But we can’t do this work on our own. We need YOU!

How can you be a Just Hope Hero?

There are two ways you can be a Just Hope Hero:

1. Commit to being a monthly donor. Your consistent support allows us to pursue new projects and maintain existing ones. PLUS…you get a free Just Hope T-shirt when you sign up to make a monthly donation. Click here then select “Monthly Support” to get started.

2. Partner with us to raise money. We have a goal to find 100 people who will each help us raise $1,000. Will you help us? We’ll provide all the tools you need to easily share the message with your friends and family via social media and email. All you need to do is be passionate about giving a hand up to extraordinary people. Click here to create and share your personalized fundraising page with your friends and family. BONUS…you get a free Just Hope T-shirt when you raise your first $100!

P.S. $1,000 sound too daunting? Don’t worry, you can set your own goal. Any amount can make an impact!

Questions? Email Amanda at