Remarkable people facing some of the world's most difficult living conditions are raising their hand to say they want to do their part to improve their circumstances.

You can give them a hand up.

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These are the extraordinary people who have received a hand up from Just Hope International through partners like you, and used it to better themselves, their family and their community. Follow their journeys.

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What We Do

Through relationships, we achieve our mission of economic empowerment using a variety of tools, based on local needs and market opportunities.

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Hero Spotlight: Pastor Gborie Loves His Neighbors with a Servant’s Heart

Some people in leadership positions will “go along to get along,” but true leaders refuse to let go of a vision when they are convicted. Pastor Aiah Mark Gborie ( pronounced bor-ee) is the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Fellowship, the “mega-church” of Lunsar, Sierra Leone. Pastor Gborie initially learned about sustainable conservation agriculture techniques… continue reading

Piepanda Savings Group, Bauya, Sierra Leone

July 2017 Program Roundup

Sierra Leone Bauya True community development is coming out of the Savings Groups. One group, the Piepanda Savings Group, has learned to use the process to work through disagreements and other problems that arise from time to time, in addition to the normal week-to-week activities. Members are learning to work through their struggles, building the… continue reading
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Prayer Needs

Use the Hard Times to Push Forward in a Positive Direction

Project: Survival Skills in Dominican Republic
Location: La Romana, Dominican Republic

As part of their lesson in spiritual growth, Survival Skills students in the Dominican Republic wrote on a sheet of paper what has hurt them in life and what they wish to heal and overcome. After, they went outside to burn the paper and participated in a prayer of healing. These students’ difficult pasts often include abuse, violence and trauma – healing and learning to cope are important preparation for their future. We ask God to help these students heal from their past, and pray that they can learn how to use the hard times to push forward in a positive direction.

Blessing for Rain and Protection in West Africa

Project: Growing and Saving
Location: Bauya, Sierra Leone

We ask God to bless the farmers and their crops with adequate rain and protection against pests and disease. We pray that the farmers continue using best practices and turn excellent yields.
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Give A Hand Up

The hand up you provide could be the turning point for an individual who has expressed a genuine desire to improve his or her circumstances.