Remarkable people facing some of the world's most difficult living conditions are raising their hand to say they want to do their part to improve their circumstances.

You can give them a hand up.

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These are the extraordinary people who have received a hand up from Just Hope International through partners like you, and used it to better themselves, their family and their community. Follow their journeys.

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What We Do

Through relationships, we achieve our mission of economic empowerment using a variety of tools, based on local needs and market opportunities.

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Panama, Survival Skills

Belmont Interns Empower Panama Students with Job Interview Preparation

Getting a job after life in an orphanage in Panama is no simple task. Even if the girls choose college, and most of them will, they will need to work while in college in order to pay for it. Learning how to apply and interview for a job is critical, so we recruited two interns… continue reading

Seed Loan Program, Sierra Leone

May 2017 Program Roundup

Bauya & Lunsar, Sierra Leone This month, we kicked off the new Seed Loan Program (SLP) in Bauya and Lunsar, Sierra Leone. This new program gives a hand up to farmers stuck in a cycle of buying seeds on credit. The program provides each farming group with two 50kg bags of groundnuts for planting in… continue reading
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Prayer Needs

Making Strides in Ghana Communities

Project: Agriculture Training
Location: Berekuso, Ghana

"Excitement" has been the main word used to describe nearly everything that's going on in Ghana as of late. Savings Group members are seeing excellent results and conservation agriculture methods are making strides in the communities. We give God all the glory for this success, and thank him for the blessings He has given community members and Just Hope Field Officers. We pray that plots and groups continue to flourish, and that the groups maintain a positive outlook even when challenges arise throughout the season.

Savings Group Begins Second Cycle

Project: Agriculture Training
Location: Berekuso, Ghana

The Nukware Savings Group in Ghana completed their first annual cycle this past week, with 29 members receiving their share of the social fund at a 17% return on investment. The first cycle was challenging for this group, as they had six loans default. Though the group is pleased with their results, they still need support from Just Hope Field Officers, and we pray that they will not be discouraged. As they begin a second cycle of saving and loaning, we ask God to grant them wisdom as they make decisions about allocating loans.
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Give A Hand Up

The hand up you provide could be the turning point for an individual who has expressed a genuine desire to improve his or her circumstances.